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EQUS Golf – The Next Evolution in Single Length Golf Clubs


For those of you who have heard about the new fad of “single length irons” but are too afraid to try it out, believe it or not there’s an alternative for you.  It’s called EQUS Golf.  EQUS has taken advantage of this hot new trend (thanks to Bryson DeChambeau) and has developed a set of game improvement irons that are a combination of both traditional and single length irons.



The first thing that I noticed when opening the box is the sleek design of the clubheads.  The EQUS irons have an interesting looking back cavity to them, which is a patent pending design that they’ve been working on for over six years.  EQUS is letting the iron’s performance do most of the talking here, as they are a simple metallic silver.  There aren’t any bright colors or overly sophisticated designs on the club that may distract you from your golf shot.  The clubs are very simple looking and appear to be a smooth set of irons that will get the job done.

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Sound & Feel

I personally love the feel of these irons as they are a bit heavier compared to your traditional blades.  The back cavity does offer a little bit of forgiveness unlike any blade that I’ve played before, but when you hit the ball off the sweet spot it goes and goes and goes.  With single length irons it tends to feel a bit strange at first once you make the switch but with these EQUS 3 length clubs, it’s a much smoother transition.  Instead of going from 9 different swings to 1, EQUS provides a perfect middle ground.

The sound of these irons are a bit clunky.  With my traditional irons I heard that nice, firm “click” sound whether you hit it flush or a bit off-center.  These clubs you definitely need to hit the ball in the sweet spot to get that “click” sound.  However, it’s very interesting the way that these clubs deliver feedback is through the feel.  When you hit the ball on the center it feels like the ball is jumping off a trampoline, and when you don’t hit the ball on the right spot the clubs will definitely let you know.



EQUS’ irons unique design, offered in identically matched combinations of three progressive lengths, features a 100% CNC precision milled face and grooves, progressive offset, bounce and swing weight. This elegantly engineered iron set is MOI matched while maintaining standard lies and weights.  When playing with these irons I must admit that it will take you a second to adjust to the 3 different lengths.  If you can, grab a small bucket of golf balls and hit the range before playing a whole round with these.  

One of the major differences I noticed in these clubs versus my traditional clubs was the way the ball came off the club.  When you hit the sweet spot of the iron your ball will go exactly where you want it to and it will go far!  With my traditional clubs I felt like I always had to choose between clubs, but with EQUS it always seemed there was an exact club for whatever shot I had. I found there never to be a need for me to make any type of swing adjustments whatsoever.

One of my favorite parts of the irons were the wedges that you can buy separately from the iron set.  The wedges had plenty of spin due to the “Tacky Traction Grooves” on the club face and I could control the ball perfectly around the green.  

I can see this iron being a great fit for those amateur golfer who maybe make it out to the course once or twice a month, all the way to those scratch handicappers.  The only thing about these clubs is that I feel like most golfers won’t understand the swing theory.  They have either been playing with their traditional irons too long or want to hop right over to single length irons.  The great thing about the EQUS irons is that if you’re looking to make custom length or lie changes to the club, the people over at customer service would be happy to help you out as each set of irons are made to order.

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With the recent single length iron succes, EQUS irons have taken an already innovative and radical change to golf club technology and made it even better.  There are not many, if any, products like these out there which puts EQUS in a class of its own.  

If you’re interested in learning more about EQUS’ story and just how incredible these new irons are please visit them at


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