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The Ultimate Indoor/Outdoor Practice Ball: The Sci-Core




This last winter for me was pretty much spent like everyone else’s here on the west coast: Dreaming about getting outdoors and playing some golf.  After one of the wettest winters in recent history here in California, the only thing golf related I could partake in was simply putting on the carpet and aiming towards a mug placed at the end of the hallway.  If this sounds a bit like your winter, or maybe even spring, I recently came across a product that I wish I had a few months ago.  Enter here, the Sci-Core Golf Balls.


Why Sci-Core?

The Sci-Core golf balls are the heaviest indoor/outdoor golf balls available on the market today.  They feel amazing and honestly I couldn’t even tell the difference in the feel compared to hitting my normal golf balls I use during my round.  These golf balls are specifically meant for practice, which means not only are they great for indoors but they’re also perfect for outdoor use as well.  These golf balls have a limited flight distance of only 150 yards, which means if you do decide to take them outdoors, you won’t have to play hide and seek for the next 3 hours looking for where you hit your last golf ball.

The sci-core golf balls are a perfect training tool for amateurs and pros alike.  As I mentioned above, these golf balls are meant to be used both indoors and outdoors.  Whether you’re on the putting green, driving range or even in the house, you can experience that real golf ball feel.  I even give these to my kids to use in the house and backyard as I feel much better about giving them these practice balls to hit with compared to the real deal.



On Sci-Core’s site you can purchase a six pack of these ultimate “real feel” practice balls for only $14.95.  This is an absolutely steal! Callaway’s HX practice golf balls are the closest things on the market, but they just don’t have the same feeling as Sci-Core’s golf balls.  I’ve heard from people who have owned Sci-Core golf balls that they haven’t had any sign of coming apart or showing damage and with Sci-Core’s lifetime warranty, you can’t ask for anything better.



The Sci-Core golf balls are the latest and greatest in golf ball technology.  The days of hitting the old wiffle balls in the house are a thing of the past and with these new Sci-Core balls, being able to really practice your golf shots indoors is crucial to actually improving your game.  


For more information and to order a six-pack of Sci-Core “real feel” practice golf balls, access the Swing Coach website at

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