Apply to  receive a fully customized set of Omni Raider®  clubs to suit your style of play and dimensions,


We give you 60 days to test this amazing new golf technology at no net cost. Try the first graphene-enhanced golf clubs and let us know what YOU think.


If you love 'em, keep 'em! If not, return them but keep the Omni Driver as our gift to you, a  $595 Value!

The Personal Golf Ball Printer is a patented and innovative printer designed to make printing one’s golf balls with a logo or message easy and inexpensive.  Currently, if a golfer wishes to do this he/she must do so online incurring setup expenses, production delays and having only a limited number of manufacturers’ golf balls to choose from.   The Personal Golf Ball printer will accept any manufactured golf ball and allow the user to vary his logo or message from ball to ball in just a few seconds at a fraction of the cost.  


This 20 second video of our initial Prototype will give you a sense of the easy operation, design, and ability of the Personal Golf Ball Printer.  Please watch it and answer the following questions:


Personal Information Survey:


  1. Would you consider yourself a regular golfer, (at least once a week during golf season)?  Yes /No

  2. What is your gender? M or F

  3. What is your age? 20-30 30-40 40-50 50-65  65+

  4. Income Range? $20k-$40k $41k-$60k $61k-$80k $81k-$100k $100K+


Product Specific Survey:


  1. Do you mark your ball with a logo or some other hand-written identifier? Yes/No

  2. If you are a business owner or marketer, do you logo balls for promotional reasons? Yes/No

  3. If you are a business owner or marketer, how many employees to you have?

1-10 11-25 26-50 51-100 101-500 500+

  1. Given no price restraint, would you like to own a Personal Golf Ball printer for personal use? Yes/No

  2. Given no price restraint, would you like to own a Personal Golf Ball printer for business use? Yes/No

  3. Our prototype prints in Black Ink, what is the most you would pay for the printer?  ______

  4. If the Printer printed in color ink, what is the most you would pay for the printer? ______

  5. At the price point you listed above, would you give the Printer as a gift to a golfer friend or family member? Yes/No




You must agree to test a full set of Omni Raiders®  for 60 days (Driver, 3 Wood, Hybrid, Irons 4-9, A-Wedge, Pitching Wedge, and a bag). You’ll receive a fully customized set of Omni Raider®  clubs to suit your style of play and dimensions, and during the Demo Program you’re not liable for any damages incurred to the clubs.


At the end of the 60 days, you agree to complete an honest survey based on your experience with the revolutionary Omni Raiders® . You have 15 days after the Demo Program ends to contact us for an RMA# and a return shipping label. If you wish to keep the clubs you will not be charged any additional money than the temporary deposit. Joining is risk-free, at no net cost to you, and best of all, if you complete the program, we’ll gift you a free Omni Raider Driver®  ($595 value).

The distance of graphite meets the control of steel!

Omni Raider®  golf clubs are all equipped with our proprietary Snap Back® Shafts which are the only nanotechnology graphene-enhanced shafts on the market. This means they will in our opinion out perform anything on the market. Hit them farther and straighter, but don't take our word for it try them yourself. We want your honest opinion because that is all that matters. We're confident you will give us a review like the one below. 

The Secret is Snap Back® 

Strength of steel: 

Low torque nearly eliminating twisting to give you great control

Lightness of graphite: 

So you swing faster and keep balance, giving great distance gains

Snap-Back action:


This extra kick returns the club head to the target quicker giving even more distance


“I took my new Omni Set of clubs out to really compare them to my normal set of Taylormade MK4s. First, understand that I am just an average golfer, and on most courses, I’m thrilled if I break 90, so not every shot is perfect. I took both sets to one of my favorite courses that I knew I could do a round and play both clubs at the same time, hitting both sets on the exact same shots.


"The OMNI RAIDER IRONS went just as far as the $1400 set of irons from the big name brand, but to me had a nicer feel. A lighter feel where I felt more in control of the swing. I had a couple of real nice shots with the OMNI RAIDER driver, even though the “ting” sound was definitely different. I guess this is the CNC technology that gets the ball up in the air with ease, which I definitely noticed."


"Then I was on hole 15, a hole I have played 100 times before. I hit my old driver first and got a decent shot. It was a little right, and this course being on a river bed always runs right. Then I took out the Omni driver and “smack”, what a shot! Right down the middle! The sun was setting and I lost just how far it went."


"Well, I jumped in the cart to go get the first ball, not bad, about 245 or 250 yards. Then back to the center of the fairway to look for the Omni drive, but no ball was in sight. I tooled down the middle of the fairway in the cart thinking it had to be close. Well, about 45 to 50 yards farther I spotted the ball in the shadow of a tree. Yes, you did the math right, a 295 to 300-yard drive, and as God is my witness, I have never hit a ball on that hole close to that distance. I play the Omni Raider every time now and I Love ‘em.”