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S.T.A.R. (Soft Tissue Activation Roller) is the only machine of its kind. With over 15 modalities for self-help (off-the-floor), S.T.A.R. offers you an easy and safe way to move every support structure to the spine and maintain a healthy, happy… pain-free back! Our product is completely adjustable to any persons height to better address problem areas of the body. We are all aware of the trend of foam rolling to address myofascial trigger points that can cause pain. The new frontier of body study is the fascial system and that is what we are all about–soft tissue activation. Many are not aware that the fascial system is the largest system in our body… connecting EVERYTHING TO EVERYTHING!


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    "The machine's changed my life. I play 36 holes a day, get up and use the machine and feel great."

    Glen - Avid Golfer

    "This machine is a life's the only machine I've found that really works! My back pain is gone!"

    Raymond - Gulf Port, Florida

    "Thank goodness....for the first time in 10 years...after all I have been through to end my back pain I now have something that really works!"

    Donny - Omaha, Nebraska

    "Greatest deal going for back pain. I have tried inversion and it didn't work at all..but this machine gave me immediate results. So glad a friend recommended S.T.A.R....I use the machine daily at home".

    Robert - Atlanta, Georgia

    "My brother and I both bought a S.T.A.R. machine. We both played ball in high school and college and got beat up. Living with back pain has been a daily struggle for a long long time. Having tried electrical stimulus, inversion, injections and meds for years....S.T.A.R. was a God send. The greatest "in home" product on the planet if you have back pain."

    Matt - St.Pete, Florida