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The Putting Package was designed to help golfers better understand then implement  the fact that the body’s Core ( simplified, its midsection, and, for putting purposes, with an emphasis on the upper Thoracic spine) is the motor for a consistent putting stroke. When golfers use their Core properly, this facilitates the efficient movement of the shoulders, arms, and the hands, which in turn, moves the putter in a perfect on-plane arc,. It also keeps the putter face square to its arcing motion throughout the putting stroke. Essentially. This is what we teaching pros like to call “the internal moves the external.” This simply means that, direct by the hands, the body’s motion (“internal”) results in a repeating arc of the putter’s swinging movement (“external”), which lies at the way in which The Putting Package reinforces and trains golfers to become great putters.

  • Designed to help golfers master the putting stroke and by training neuromuscular control.

  • Fully adjustable design allows the trainer to attach to any putter length or grip size for added versatility

  • Instant BioKinetic feedback helps golfers feel, move and improve performance like a world class putter

  • Once installed, “Hub” is placed at the sternum below the upper chest and is pulled upward and inward

  • Using the bigger muscles during the stroke is a Tour-proven technique to achieve more consistency

  • If used properly, the hands, arms and shoulders will move as one to eliminate unwanted wrist action

  • Engineered with high quality, durable anodized aluminum to create a lightweight, easy-to-use aid

  • Industrial-strength hook-and-loop mechanism secures the aid to any putter grip size

  • Ergonomically friendly for both male and female golfers

SYNCRODIAL – Live Putting Stroke Feedback:

  • Provides real-time feedback to troubleshoot and sharpen your skills

  • Reveals the subtle timing partnership of the arm and core rotation

  • The goal is to sync arm swing and core rotation from backswing to impact

  • Unlock the dial so the white pointer will move and mirror the putter shaft motion



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