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POWER PACKAGE Helps Golfers Feel a Perfect Swing.

Chris Walkey happens to be a top-ranked golf instructor from the exclusive Palms Golf Club in La Quinta, California and after decades of experience working with golfers of all skill levels, he’s put together what he believes is the perfect swing package.

Here’s a closer look at Power Package Golf – a new swing training device developed to create a pure, powerful, and repeatable swing. It’s your golf pro on the go!

WHO IT’S FOR: Golfers of all skill levels and ages – beginners to professionals

WHAT IT FIXES: Basically every single mistake a golfer can make with a golf swing, all at the same time, with instant feedback, and in a portable fashion.

  • Improper wrist set

  • Too flat or upright swing plane

  • Open or closed club face

  • Club too far across the line or laid off at the top of the backswing

  • Tendency to overswing and loss of width

  • Early release on downswing

  • Lack of body rotation through the ball

Simply attaches to your golf club so you can have your golf pro on the go. Instant feedback!

ENDORSEMENTS: Tom Pernice Jr., PGA Tour Golf Professional

Tom Pernice Jr. is an American professional golfer who plays on the PGA Tour and Champions Tour with multiple wins.

FUN FACTS: You may have seen on social media a few other notable names using the device from one of the top golfers in the world on tour today as well as a champion junior amateur.

FEEDBACK: The biggest issue I personally have with my golf swing is I tend to make contact with the ball with an open club face. It’s the result of not having proper wrist set, overswing, and lack of body rotation. Okay… I have plenty of other issues with my swing but by and large this is my biggest issue. This was apparent when I did my Callaway custom club fitting and we could see just how poorly my contact with the ball was… open, open, open. I even go as far as to line up my aim to compensate for the open club face so that my ball will hit the center trajectory I want.

I was able to get my hands on a Power Package swing trainer while at the range and immediately my arms didn’t have the smooth contact the device trains for. After slowing things down I was able to find the right positioning to create the optimal golf swing. I could swing smoothly with the Power Package and just as expected I had increased distance and because my club face came through square I actually had middle of the fairway shots. I moved the Power Package between my clubs and practiced full swings and half swings. It’s amazing how if you don’t have the right swing you get instant feedback because the cuffs don’t fall in place on your arms properly.

The device is super simple to move from club to club which is a big bonus. …remember the old giant circle PVC pipe swing trainer? Well, you can’t really lug that thing out to the range for every training session. This, you can! It’s lightweight, fits in your bag, easily attaches and detaches between clubs, and really helped me build muscle memory. This is something I would use on a regular basis just to keep the reminders of the swing I want, a swing like a pro golfer, fresh.

The Power Package Golf swing training aid is innovation at its finest. I have yet to try another swing trainer that can give immediate feedback but is also portable, lightweight, and easy to use. Consistency is super key so the more you use it the more your muscles will remember to hit your swing points. It is apparent that the founder, Chris Walkey, took common issues with the golf swing that he helps to correct during his daily lessons and packaged it into one powerful device. This is a game changer!


WANT MORE INFO?: – Watch their videos to see the Power Package swing trainer in action and hear testimonials from real golfers.

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