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Gamify Putting Practice to Improve Skills

Why is it that the most important component of our golf game is often the most neglected? Could it be that putting practice is just not as fun as smashing range balls? Every golfer will jump at the opportunity to smash a bucket of balls but give them a practice green and the sentiment is just not the same.

Dave Grill, founder of DELTA PUTT set out to solve this issue with the DELTA DUELER.

The Delta Dueler can be used on any flat surface including hardwood and carpeting. The game is similar to shuffleboard, but played with your own putters and Delta Pucks. The game is unlike any other putting mat on the market and can truly help you improve your putting skills.

The DELTA PUTTING PUCKS are designed with 3 training modes to challenge golfers of any skill level. Delta pucks can be played as a competitive game or used individually for improving putting.

The Delta Putt is a breakthrough tool, that will transform your short game. How? By giving you instant feedback without any special electronic devices. By practicing with The Delta Putt, you can immediately determine subtle changes necessary to strengthen your game and decrease your strokes, all from the comfort of your home, hotel room, or wherever you are. The Delta Putt is compact so it travels with you. Get a special discount (20% OFF) by using code: GOLFGRADE at checkout - visit: to order today.


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