Swing Profile – Taking Your Games to the Next Level


There are many golf websites offering ‘tips’ on how to improve your golf and it can be easy to forget about the basics.

Knowing how to play a dogleg strategically or what club to use when the ball is half-buried in the bunker is great.  However, if your swing is poor, you can forget about anything else because you will struggle to play consistently good golf.  That’s where the Swing Profile app will help.



If you can perfect the golf swing and produce a great, consistent swing with every shot, you give yourself the basis for a great round of golf.  The question is, where do you start?


There are many elements to a successful golf swing and that’s the biggest issue facing many players.  Where do you begin when analyzing your swing and where can you make improvements? The key is to record your swing and look back on it in slow motion and at various angles to identify what you are doing well and what needs improvement


Thanks to the Swing Profile app, which is available on the App Store , you do not require any special equipment, just your mobile device.  Head to the App Store now and download Swing Profile onto your mobile phone or tablet.


When you go to the practice range, just set up your mobile device so it is pointing at you and Swing Profile will capture your swing.  Forget what you have seen about needing sensors on the club and body, all you need is the Swing Profile app, nothing else.


Immediately after completing your swing, you will have access to the footage.  Swing Profile plays back your swing in slow motion just seconds after your shot, giving you instant analysis.  You do not have to move the device, everything happens automatically.


To generate a more accurate picture of your swing, you can leave Swing Profile on your mobile device and make as many swings as you wish.  The app will cut each video down to just your swing and nothing else, making it efficient and easy to view. Swing Profile will capture every swing you make and analyze each of them to show consistency.


In addition, Swing Profile will generate a professional Golf-Digest style swing sequence every time you make a swing.  This allows you to assess every aspect of the swing from set-up to follow through.


With standard reference lines produced on each video, Swing Profile gives you immediate access to data you would never see without the app.  Watch your swing in detail and work on your swing plane using the reference lines on the screen. You can even compare one swing with another, giving the opportunity to monitor your own progress.


Swing Profile offers something which many beginner and amateur golfers could only dream of ten years ago.  Not only that but Swing Profile is a great aid for instruction. Instructors can add voice-overs to videos and chat to students using the messaging system, providing fantastic additional value and benefit to their sessions.


today and take your game to the next level with Swing Profile websiteThe swing is the most important aspect of playing golf and you cannot afford to leave anything to chance.  



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