Golf Insole used by Top Golfers can ADD 15 YARDS to your swing, increase stability & power - even reduce injury

Watch This Video to See How VANTAGE ORTHOTICS Can Help a Golfer Make a More Powerful and Efficient Swing

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Vantage Orthotics help harness the body’s natural kinematics during the swing.

Here’s what you can expect from your Vantage Orthotics

increased club head velocity up to 5mph (1mph = 3 yards)


consistency of swing


comfortable and correct setup position- every time

increase in traction while maintaining comfort

promote ease of walking

encourage the head to slide slightly from left to right and not front to back.

Vantage Performances Golf Orthotics are specifically designed to stabilize the foot in a golf swing, increasing performance.


This unique design not only puts the golfer in the correct position when addressing the ball on the driving range but also functions as a portable training aid to the golfer during the round of golf. The support provided by wearing Vantage Performance golf orthotic during golf, has been specifically designed to support the foot as it functions in golf, also providing a benefit of injury prevention.


We're so convinced that the Vantage Golf Orthotics will transform your swing that we provide a 30-Day, No Questions Asked, Money Back Guarantee!



Developed by Nationally Renowned Foot and Ankle Surgeon who has treated numerous professional athletes on the PGA and LPGA level... 

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Vantage Performance Golf Orthotic is designed to work through all phases of swing: increasing stability, efficiency, club head velocity, and ground reactive forces, resulting in greater driving distance and consistency in hitting the sweet spot (less fade or slice). Every great swing has an ideal starting point or setup, which places the golfer in an optimal position to execute a reproducible golf swing and ball impact. The inserts will guide both feet into that position.


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Side Step Common Golf Injuries

The inserts will also facilitate a correct technique which will help to reduce the risk of injury.


They do this by keeping the spine vertical, avoiding the reverse C position, eliminating excessive external rotation of the leading leg and knee which can increase the potential for damaging hyperextension of the knee.

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The Science of Game Improvement 


The science behind Vantage was proven through independent, cutting-edge, testing 3-Dimensional imagery of golfers using vantage performance golf orthotic. Measuring all pertinent swing characteristics down to a tenth of a degree, was an increase in shoulder turn and a stable spine angle, translating into an increase in club head velocity on average of greater than 3mph in professionals and nearly 5 mph in casual golfers. A 5 mph increase in CHV is equivalent to an approximate increase in golf ball travel distance of 15 yards. This is a significant increase as small increases in performance can reflect large position changes on score. Also demonstrated was the ability of the orthotic to consistently maintain appropriate foot position throughout all 4 phases of swing.

The Vantage Performance Golf Orthotic is superior to all other golf orthotics because of its proven design and invention history. It was developed by a nationally renowned Foot and Ankle surgeon who has treated numerous professional athletes on the PGA and LPGA level.


Proven in Simulation, Proven on The Course 

He set out to change the market and create a product for his patients unlike anything seen before in the orthotic or golf market. Throughout the invention process, it was continually tested by countless professionals proving its claims. Vantage Orthotics were developed through exhaustive research. Each component integrated into the orthotics is specific to this research. Now research has [finally] allowed Vantage Orthotics to be able to harness the body’s natural kinematics during swing. Translating into more power, distance and consistency. Vantage Orthotics have been proven on the course and on a computerized 3D swing analysis system. If you are looking to improve a small part or your overall game, here’s what you can expect from your Vantage Orthotics






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These orthotics are not intended for people with severe foot deformities, circulatory problems or neuropathic feet. In above cases, first consult with your podiatrist or medical doctor before using. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any medical conditions.