This swing aid will accelerate the process of building the correct muscle memory for optimal face and path control.
You Don’t Need A New Wedge, You Need A New Impact Position.


Take a look at the pros, based on who is sponsoring them their equipment is very different from one pro to the next.  What gives them all the ability to hit any wedge they’re playing (for that particular sponsor) is the same for all of them – the impact position.  The exact same impact position that the SX3 teaches you.


Take your wedge, attach the SX3 to the handle, swing it for a few minutes a day and the following things are going to happen:


  • You’ll learn a proper impact position, immediately.

  • The new impact position will parlay into confidence with ball striking and create successful recovery shots.

  • In turn, your success with recovery shots means lower scores, period.


The SX3 is designed to create proper impact for ALL wedge shots and shots around the green.


So, do you need a different or new wedge?

No.  What you need is a swing that can be used with any wedge.