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The Best Indoor Swing Practice Routine 

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This is going to be your #1 weapon this off-season to improve your swing!


Ready to add 20-30 yards to your tee shots and double your greens in regulation next season by training indoors with Lag Shot this winter?

Just click the button below to get all the details on this limited time special offer...

3x the amount of PURE iron shots you hit every round!


The Lag Shot 7 iron’s weighted clubhead + hyper-flexible shaft forces you to “load the club” perfectly, generate more lag automatically, and make confident swings with ideal tempo and timing.




You'll turn that rare “once a round” purely struck iron shot that feels like butter into something that happens all the time. 

A Few Benefits You Get With The Lag Shot 7 Iron:


Add lag naturally and effortlessly. No forced, manufactured, or “mechanical” feels that make your swing worse!

 Promotes a relaxed grip and smooth “one piece” takeaway (no jerky moves that throw off your swing plane, tempo, or positions).


✓ Grooves a fluid, “stress free” transition that automatically stores massive amounts of power without over swinging.

 More distance means hitting 2 clubs LESS into each green, resulting in shorter birdie putts, easier pars, and lower scores.

✓ Greater accuracy on your approach shots, so you can hit a record number of greens in regulation and "play stress-free golf."



Our product review team has tested this product and found it to meet and exceed all product claims. customers benefit from a 60 Day - No Questions Asked. Money-Back Guarantee. 


Please contact with any questions. 


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