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Tournament Legal

PRO L2 Laser Rangefinder

Quick and fast
Target-lock vibration

The new and improved Rapid-fire detection helps you lock on to a target instantly followed by sending a short pulse vibration to give you confidence that you have hit the desired location.

Most golfers find locking on to an object with a rangefinder difficult if they have shaky hands. The x6 magnification and Target-lock technology built inside the PRO L2 make it quick and easy to hit any target on the golf course.

Screen Shot 2023-06-08 at 3.57.56 PM.png

Shot Scope PRO L2 Laser Rangefinder

The Shot Scope PRO L2 is a compact and stylish rangefinder providing the golfer with fast and accurate distances on the golf course. Never guess again with adaptive slope technology correctly adjusting your distance, taking the up and down hills into account to allow for better club selection. Quickly flick the switch to turn slope off, making the PRO L2 legal in tournaments.

Attach the PRO L2 to a golf cart or magnetic surface with the extra strong built-in magnet. Alternatively clip and attach your PRO L2 to your golf bag using the waterproof carry case.

One of the most affordable rangefinders on the market packed with advanced features including rapid-fire detection and target-lock vibration to ensure you hit the target with confidence every time.

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Our product review team has tested this product and found it to meet and exceed all product claims. customers benefit from a 60 Day - No Questions Asked. Money-Back Guarantee. 


Please contact with any questions. 


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