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It’s a common theory that the best way to lower your overall golf score is to improve your putting game and drop strokes on the green. Dirty Larry, the founder of the Navigator putting aid, created a unique tool that compactly fits in your bag, easily affixes to your putter, and helps guide you to better aim and more precision. We took the Navigator to the putting green and here is what we found…

Product Details

  • Available in colors green, pink, or grey

  • Attaches to any putter

  • Adjustable for any lie or angle

  • Ultra lightweight (1.2 oz)

  • Works on both left and right handed putters

  • Simple four step assembly

  • 100% made in the USA


The Navigator comes in a small compact box and upon opening it you’re greeted by a tri-fold pamphlet with instructions. Read the card. It’s funny which is great because user manuals are always super boring. In the box is the main body of the device and two light weight arms. I can tell by holding the device in my hand (once removed from the box) that this putting aid won’t alter the weight of your putter. It’s not bulky and folds up easily to put into your bag.

The instructions are simple – Twist in the alignment rods; Loosen the upper screw; Snap onto the shaft of the putter close to the putter head; Align using the box. Simple. No calibrating of lasers, no questioning which direction is which. Due to the design of the putting aid you can easily use it on a left handed putter or a right handed putter. No switching of anything other than the alignment rods which are a simple screw.

The Navigator snaps onto your shaft easily and with a simple turn of the upper screw it fastens tightly. I did align it with the box as the directions state but just eyeballing it above your putter works too.


I started with some short putts about three feet from the hole. The rods are a nice guide for ensuring your putter stays on the right path. After I was consistently sinking those I moved back to six feet and then so on. Unlike a laser putting aid the guide doesn’t go all the way to the hole. That’s okay because it’s not often that you are putting on a pristine flat surface with no angle or slope between you and the hole. You can use the rods to find the right putting path, aim small, and roll the ball in the desired location. Aiming small is also a great putting tip so I like that you are almost forced to aim small with the Navigator. I really found that I was paying closer attention to the slope and undulations of the green because I was trying to aim small.

After steadily using the Navigator with the alignment bar directly over the center of my putter I moved it forward and tighten the middle screw so that the alignment bar was now above my putter. In this position I really focused and worked on my putting path. I was much more conscious about how much my putter wiggled off of the optimal plane in this mode.


The functionality of this small putting device created big changes in my putting practice. I appreciated that it was essentially hassle free and required no batteries.

The Navigator is a great tool for working on your short game because we all know that there is always room for improvement on the green. ..and who is this Dirty Larry guy anyway? Be sure to go to their website HERE and read up on him. Great story!

For more info CLICK HERE

MSRP: $59.95 (currently on sale for $40-$49.95)

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