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If Golf Balls are your VICE

The first time I came across a Vice golf ball was when I was playing my local course here in Carlsbad, CA. I found one when coincidentally I was looking for my horrible tee shot that was way out of bounds. I couldn’t find my original ball anywhere, but I did find the Vice Pro Plus and I figured I might as well give it a shot. I liked it a lot needless to say, which is why I reached out to the guys at Vice Golf to try their brand new Selected Pack. The Selected Pack is perfect for those who are unsure which golf ball matches their game the best. This sampler features the Vice Pro, Pro, Pro Plus, Pro Soft, the Drive, and lastly the Vice Tour ball.


Each of the Vice golf balls that came in the Selected Pack are unique in their own way. The Pro Soft, the Pro and the the Pro + all felt similar when coming off of the clubface. Whether I was putting, chipping or using my long range irons these golf balls all felt a bit softer than what I’m used to. In the middle somewhere is the Tour golf balls. They had a great feel to them, but seemed just a bit firmer and even had a different clunkier sound when coming off my clubface. The firmest ball by far was the Drive. This ball definitely was nowhere near as soft as the other balls in the Selected Pack and trying to get it to land on the green without rolling off was almost a challenge. The Drive is definitely your typical long distance ball that has a great ball flight but very limited spin and control.


Speaking of distance balls, as I mentioned above, the Vice Drive was by far the best in that regards. The Drive is a two-piece ball with a DuPont Surlyn cover and I would definitely recommend this ball for those with slower swing speeds. This ball offers a bit more carry and roll where the average amateur may need those extra 10-15 yards on their drives. Coming in a close second was the Vice Pro Plus.

The Pro Plus is 4-piece golf ball with a cast urethane cover on it. I would say this ball is perfect for those advanced players who may be needing some help when it comes to their distance.


The Vice Pro Softs around the green were amazing. With it’s incredibly soft 3 piece cast urethane cover, the Vice Pro Softs performed the best. The control was great, the spin was there, and the look of the ball was just stunning. They have a clear matte white coat to them which I’ve seen only a handful of times before. The Vice Tour golf balls came in a close second. They had that gentle feel around the green where I could land them where I wanted to, and control the spin on my wedge shots.


These golf balls are for those looking for a little “swagger” in their golf game. Everyone has Pro V’s, everyone has Callaways, but how many of your golfing buddies do you know play with the Vice golf balls? Exactly. If you want to stand out a bit from the usual golfer while playing with a SOLID overall golf ball, then I personally think you should give Vice a shot. And hey, it doesn’t hurt that these golf balls go for about $25 for a dozen. That’s what is so great about these golf balls. They are comparable to the leading golf balls but without that ridiculous price attached to them.

Okay guys, so here’s the breakdown.

Each of these golf balls in the Selected Pack are awesome. They are fun to use, responsive in their own unique ways, and the biggest thing: they are way cheaper compared to those golf balls you’re playing with right now. You can even go to the Vice ball recommender to see which ball is perfect for you. After a brief questionnaire you can find out which Vice golf ball is most similar to the one you play with now, and which golf ball fits your style of play the best. It looks similar to this:

If you want to try all of the balls I spoke about earlier, go with the Selected Pack. Have fun with them, play with a little swagger in your golf game, and show off to your friends about one of the best golf balls on the market today.

For more information on the golf balls, visit

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