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We’ve all been guilty of trying to crush the snot out of the ball both from the tee box and the fairway… it’s a common mistake. Golf is an interesting game of mechanics because you don’t necessarily have to swing hard in order to get distance and precision. Ask any instructing pro, it’s about tempo, timing, and consistency. The Swingclick was made to pinpoint that precise problem and help train your brain to improve your swing tempo.

Let’s review this little training aid to see if it does exactly as it promises:


  • Single piece device

  • One size option

  • Black velcro strap

  • Three device color choices for plastic piece in red, white, and blue

  • Metal stainless steel rod with click sound functionality based on movement

  • Alternate settings for 1/2 and 3/4 shots

  • Instructions on box

  • Weighs approximately 2.4 ounces

  • Dimensions are 7.1 inches x 1.4 inches x 1.8 inches

  • Hails from South Africa


At first glance the Swingclick didn’t seem like much so I was anxious to strap on the device and swing a club. The instructions on the back of the box are straight forward and simple – strap the device on your glove wearing side forearm facing out and run the bar in line with your arm. It’s a simple rotation to maneuver the rod slightly diagonal for testing shorter distance (half or 3/4) shots but I was focusing on testing this using a full swing since I too am always guilty of trying to hit the ball a mile. It definitely feels a bit awkward at first but relatively quickly you forget it’s there. Also, the device itself is fairly sturdy and I don’t see any near term wear and tear occurring other than maybe some rust on the metal so in other words, don’t leave this device on your patio in the rain.


I took a couple of practice swings without a club (simple arm movements like a warm-up) and noticed at first how the tempo slows me down. You really have to wait to hear the first click at the top of your back swing. The click is loud enough without being obnoxious (definitely not a, “Hey, look at me I’m using a training aid!”) and there is no added feeling to a click. Just sound. The second click at impact happens relatively quickly and then the finishing third click also is a bit slower than I anticipated. Trusting that it was supposed to be that tempo I grabbed a club and stepped up to the tee on the simulator so I could get a better gage of distance and direction. I vowed to follow the clicks and not jump ahead. Click, click, click, success! Without fail, each click happened in a steady tempo. I felt the top backswing click was a bit slow so I went against directions and moved the device to my non-glove wearing forearm and found the tempo to be much smoother for me. I was amazed that this little device could really get into my head like Pavlov’s dog or something similar and make me focus on slowing down and finding proper tempo. It truly was that simple! …and as expected, with the right tempo came further distance and more accuracy. I easily saw a good 5-10 yards further and my ball landed center and within a small 5 yard circle.


Ultimately, I do think the Swingclick gets the job done which is to train your brain to focus on tempo and a more smooth swing. It’s an easy device that can be used at home, the driving range, or on the course and fits compactly into your bag. The user does need to get him or herself into the right frame of mind to use the product because breaking habits is pretty tough. I think the more you really use the Swingclick during practice and regular play the more you will gain muscle memory and perfect your rhythm.

MSRP: $29.99

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