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Product Test: Power Package Swing Training Aid

We all marvel at how well the pros on television swing the club, seemingly always getting into the right positions time after time. However, everyday golfers don’t have the hours, days or years to spend on the range to dial in our swings. What’s worse is that getting a lesson from your PGA pro can be beneficial, but only if you can replicate what you learned in the lesson on a day-to-day basis without the pro’s watchful eye.

With that problem in mind, Chris Walkey developed the Power Package, a swing training device that allows golfers from weekend hackers to PGA Tour pros to feel the right positions in the swing while actually being able to hit golf balls.

First Impression

Coming out of the box, the Power Package catches your eye. The bright orange color and the V-shaped design looks a little bigger in person than it does in the videos that you’ve watched and convinced you to pull the trigger on the purpose.

Within seconds, however, the Power Package slides right onto the club intuitively and with a little tweaking to ensure you’re set up correctly, you can begin the process of engraining those good positions into your muscle memory.

How It Works

The Power Package was designed to help amateurs find the right positions in their golf swing using wrist set. From there with the arms locked into the cups, a natural rotation of the body occurs, which in concert with the arms locked in, keeps the club in a perfect, on-plane position from the first position in the backswing all the way to the top.

Finding the cups is an immediate shock to your system because you know how your arms are supposed to be reacting in the backswing, but more often than not, what amateurs feel like they’re doing and what they are actually doing are two very different things. The Power Package gives you immediate feedback throughout the swing, from setting your wrists to the top of the backswing, into the downswing and after impact in the follow-through.

The Power Package’s helpful start-up website walks you through common mistakes and easy fixes, which gives you that assurance that you’re not the only hack who can’t find the cups right away, every time.

Does It Work?

Watching your swing on film can be a humbling practice. You feel like Adam Scott or Louis Oosthuizen when you really look more like a poor man’s Jim Furyk. However, by simply getting your wrists and forearms into the cups correctly and rotating around your body, your swing actually begins to look more like how you envision it.

Getting into these correct positions does a few things, both technically and mentally. There’s a certain level of confidence that comes from knowing you’re in a good position in the backswing, but there’s also the technical aspect that creates a repeatable, efficient swing.

As it was stated above, amateur golfers simply don’t get the time or give the attention required to become a top-tier swinger of the club, but the Power Package eliminates that need for constant oversight by a teaching pro. Instead of leaving the lesson tee and working on the improper movements or positions, there’s no guesswork when it comes to what you should be doing. Your hands simply need to find the cups and you know you’re making yourself better.

Final Impression

The ease of use, immediate feedback and universal availability of having a Power Package locked onto a club at all times has made this reviewer a better golfer in the doldrums of a Midwestern winter. Despite not being able to get out to the golf course very often, the comfortable feeling of having a golf club in your hands multiple times per day and actually working with something that gives immediate feedback, has led to better ball striking after only a few minutes of swinging with the Power Package.

The instructions recommend swinging without hitting golf balls at first to get used to the feeling of the Power Package, but with a hitting bay available in the garage, there was no stopping the inevitable. The feeling of the pure contact that came from a simple, efficient and repeatable swing is something that can’t be overstated.

Simply put, the versatility, efficiency and quality of the Power Package makes it the best training aid I’ve ever used.

About the Reviewer

Chris Chaney is the digital content manager and managing editor of the SxS Clubhouse. A competitive mid-am golfer, Chris plays off a +0.4 handicap and is so enthralled with the game that he gave up garage parking to build a home simulator that allows him to keep a club in his hands all year round. Follow Chris @wrong_fairway

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