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Product Review: Hawkeye Alignment Trainer

Alignment is one of the biggest fixable issues facing amateur golfers. As many golf instructors will tell you, feel and real are two very different things; what you think you’re doing or where you think you’re aiming and what you’re really doing or really aiming are not in unison.

Hawkeye Alignment Trainers are trying to marry what you’re feeling with what is the reality thanks to their full swing and putting products.

First Impression

Coming out of the box, both the Driver-Iron Face and Putter Face alignment aids look very similar in design and usability. Only upon opening the packages and looking closely at the product can you tell the differences in how they attach to the club. The Driver-Iron Face aligner has a more circular attachment for normal long club grips whereas the Putter Face aligner has a grip attachment that fits better to traditional putter grips.

In the packaging, the product looks like an old-time television antenna, but once opened and adjusted, the genius behind the seemingly simple design strikes you.

How It Works

In practice, the Driver-Iron Face aligner and the Putter Face aligner work very similarly at the start, but provide different advantages once in use. Both aligners do exactly what you’d hope when you’re looking for an alignment aid and then some. One of Hawkeye’s claims is that they’ve “broken the code” on alignment, and using the device makes it hard to disagree.

The Hawkeye Alignment Trainer utilizes multiple planes to get you in the perfect square position to hit a consistent golf shot. Once placed on the club, the blue vertical aligners allow you to square your clubface, while the red horizontal aligners do the same thing for your body. As long as the Hawkeye is put onto the club correctly, you have a multi-use and checkable way to get your body, your clubface and your aim all synced up.

Does It Work?

The quick answer to the subheadline above is yes. The reason why it works is a little bit more complicated. The device has multiple checkpoints that keep you honest and aligned correctly, which also allows for a simple and quick check to make sure your clubface is square, your feet are on-line with your target, your aim is in line with where your feet and clubface.

If it seems complicated, it’s because it’s foolproof. There are so many checks and balances involved with the Hawkeye that you can swing or stroke a putt secure in knowing that there is no guesswork at play. If confidence is the key to good golf, alignment is the vehicle it is driving to better scores.

Final Impression

There’s a lot to digest when you put the Hawkeye Alignment Trainer onto a club for the first time, but the results and ability to check yourself against multiple other assets on the aid makes it intuitive almost immediately. The horizontal red aligners act as a constant and connected alignment rod, giving you feedback and letting you know immediately if something is wrong.

Both the Driver-Iron and Putter Face aligners have the added bonuses of providing swing path and face awareness throughout a practice session. Overall, the alignment code has been cracked. Hawkeye Alignment Trainers will provide the consistency and dependability golfers need to make their feels real.

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