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Do You Really Know What You're Doing With That Putter?

First - Let's state the obvious...No Two Putts are Exactly Alike

Why does it seem that putting is the most elusive skill in golf? If you look at all parts of the golf game, you will see that putting is the only aspect with playing conditions that change with each and every shot. You are presented with a new and unique challenge on every single putt. Things like time of day, temperature, wind, rain and type of grass all affect speed and break - not to mention the varying slopes and undulations you will encounter throughout your round. No two putts are exactly alike.

The ability to become a better putter is not dependent on quick fixes and is definitely not solved with gimmicks. We have received and tested dozens of putting training aids that promise better putting with use. These aids are great in theory but, in most cases, only address one piece of the putting puzzle.

Allow me to explain.

Let’s Break Down the Types of Putting Training Aids:

Putting Alignment Training Aids:

Putting Alignment training aids are great for understanding how to line up a putt and ingraining a proper and consistent setup. However, once you are set up correctly, you still must factor in the undulation of the green, distance from the hole, and about a dozen other things. If you pick the wrong starting line, you have a 0% chance of making the putt, even with a perfect set up.

Putting Arc Training Aids:

There are a number of tools on the market that address proper putting mechanics by using an arc or a similar device to demonstrate an ideal putting stroke. Important? Yes. But again, what is lacking from all these tools and training methodologies is the ability to read greens.

You Must Understand the Relationship Between Speed and Line

Your ability to hole putts like Jack and Tiger does not lie in a perfect set-up. It does not lie in tempo or mechanics alone, although very important. The ability to become a better putter starts with understanding how to assess any putt on any green, at any time, and under any condition. You can strike a putt perfectly, sending it off with the exact speed and line you chose and still miss badly.

Sinking putts requires a solid understanding of how your environment will affect the speed and line.

I’m not the best golfer in the world… actually I’m average at best. So, training aid should help me improve my game quickly, right? I’ve worked with many putting training aids, and although my mechanics may have improved, these training aids have done very little to lower my scores because I still can’t effectively read greens.

The Perfect Putter - Game Changer

Recently I started working with The Perfect Putter. This is not a putting aid. This is not a putting gimmick. The Perfect Putter is a system that simulates a perfect putting stroke. This system helps me understand how to read any putt, on any green by delivering a perfectly rolled putt.

After a few hours of working with this amazing training system I was able to gain a better understanding of the relationship between speed and line, and how my environment affects these things. By understanding how the ball will react on a putting green you are better able to better predict what type of force is required to get the ball to the hole and how much break to play for. Even with my imperfect putting stroke, I have an opportunity to sink more putts and lower my scores just by being able to effectively visualize how the putt will break at my chosen speed.

This system is also phenomenal for quickly setting up drills to work on my mechanics. The Perfect Putter helps you quickly determine the correct line at a given speed. Once you have this information, you can set up gates or other training aids. Working on mechanics is so much more effective when you are able to eliminate break as a factor. If you miss a putt with this drill set-up, you know with complete certainty that either your mechanics were the culprit or you hit the putt with the wrong pace.

Author Tip: I like to use The Perfect Putter to determine the correct starting line at four or five different spots around a hole on the practice green, then set up gates, an alignment aid, or a putting arc at each spot around the hole. Once I have this station set up I simply go around in a circle and hit a few putts from each spot. It’s a great drill!


Once you become acquainted with The Perfect Putter you are able to better visualize what speed, what path, and what stroke is required to sink any given putt. Putting green conditions change constantly and each and every putt is unique, but this system effectively teaches you how the various environmental factors will affect how the ball rolls.

After working with The Perfect Putter consistently for a couple weeks I am able to confidently step up to a putt and visualize the speed and break. I know that if I deliver the putt on the intended line with the proper speed, it has a good chance of going in.

Check out to learn how you can become a better putter.


Michael Manning
Michael Manning
Jul 27, 2019

Ican see that this would help my putting for sure


The Perfect Putting System contains an intriguing set of training devices. It's hard to say how the system would transfer to most amateur's games. It definitely helps the visual part of the game (seeing the line), but I would be interested to see how it helps the average player's stroke.


putting is art that changes on every green, speed, and being able to read the breaks. If the aid teaches you to keep the face square so the ball goes where you aimed, it will be very helpful.


I can't putt to save my life so I would try anything to get better.


I am not a feel player , I am more mechanical, so this device would teach me how to make the backswing and stroke for each length of putt I would love to try this out.

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