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This simple drill could end 3 putting

Think back to that time when your putting game was on fire. 🔥

Didn’t it seem like the hole was HUGE?  Like a massive couldn’t miss it!

(to those who are thinking…’nope, never had a day like this...keep reading’)

Courses try to replicate this process by shrinking down the size of the holes on practice greens. The goal is to train your mind to hit the center of the cup; make a putt with an increased margin of error. 

A new product, Big Balls, flips this training concept into an easy and convenient practice routine with oversized golf balls that are designed to train your mind to hit the cup with more ease. 

Here’s how it works:


Line up the oversized golf ball like a regular putt.Hit 10-20 practice putts on a regulation putting green.Go back to your regular golf ball. 

The will notice immediately that the hole seems to be a “HUGE” target. There’s an immediate boost in confidence that gets you reading putts and sinking putts with more consistency.

If you’re STUCK, trying to improve your putting, Big Balls is an effective way to drop scores.

The Big Balls are super convenient and don’t require lugging around an enormous contraption to the practice green, there's zero set-up time, and they're a perfect pre-round putting warm-up routine.

What is it?

Big Balls...They are 30% bigger than a traditional golf ball but they are the same weight, same feel and same roll as the golf ball you play with.

What does it do?

After 10 putts with the Big Balls you will get instant visual feedback resulting in more confidence.


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