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✓ Voice Distance Guidance

✓ Auto Course & Hole Recognition

✓ Shot Distance Measurement

✓ No Subscription Fee

✓ Multilingual

✓ Distance to Center

✓ Distance to Front & Back

✓ Active Green Info

✓ Auto Slope™

✓ Smart Battery Management

Your Personal Caddie

No more fumbling with clumsy rangefinders or phone apps. Simply tap the button to activate the innovative voice-guided golf GPS, and the Voice Caddie will tell you the distance to the center of the green.

Pinpoint Accuracy

Whether you’re looking for the distance to the green or the distance of your last shot, you’ll hear super-accurate measurements for all thirteen clubs.


Weighing in at under 0.85 ounces and about the size of a poker chip, the VC200 is so compact that it clips right on your belt or cap.

40,000 Courses Available

The VC200 comes preloaded with course information, so you don’t need to waste one second on programming or set up.

No Service Fees, No Subscriptions, Ever

The VC200 can save you hundreds of dollars on service charges and hidden fees from other GPS services. Buy it once and never pay another dime

Automatic Course and Hole Recognition

The VC200 recognizes the course you’re playing, and the hole you’re currently on. No setup, just play.

High Performance Battery

The battery lasts up to nine hours when fully charged. A convenient USB charging kit is included, and a full recharge takes less than 2 hours.

Active Green Info / Auto Slope 

Most accurate model. Distances account for elevation change and provides precise information depending on the location of the player.

Smart Battery Management 

When the battery life gets low it automatically calculates how many holes remaining and goes into Power Saving Mode.

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