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Whether it’s for fashion or for function, the belt has remained a necessary item throughout time because if your pants fall down… well, that’s just not a good thing. One may think there isn’t much a belt manufacturer can do to improve upon this basic item but there are companies out there making strides to do so and fortunately for us golfers they’re stepping into our arena. You may notice the pros have really amped up their fashion over the last couple of years and the belts have not been left behind.

There’s a new belt in the golf town and SlideBelts is eager to get their product into the belt loops of golfers everywhere.

Product Details

  • Package comes with one belt strap, one buckle, and instructions

  • Ratched system

  • Several color, metal, and material options for buckles and belt straps

  • Men’s, Women’s, and Kids sizes available

  • Instructions: Included in box and simple to follow.


Each SlideBelt comes in a little black box (and yes that’s green shag carpeting you see in the image). It’s like opening a present… it’s so nicely packaged! Upon removing the top end of the box you’re met with a visual instruction card which is nice because if I had to read a long description I probably wouldn’t do it and end up screwing up the process of set up. It’s a basic Ikea concept but with clear English on how to and how much. Removing the instruction card the belt is tightly bound in a circle with the buckle situated in the middle. I choose a black leather belt with a black matte buckle to test because personally I prefer a sturdy belt. They have plenty of other options of belt strap materials though from genuine leather to canvas and every color or pattern you can think of. Feeling bright and Rickie Fowler’ish… they’ve got an orange option.

Heading to the WasteManagement Phoenix Open? They’ve got a bright green option. Want to double your belt and use it on the golf course and the office? They have options of traditional browns and buckles that would be just fine with a work suit. Need a belt for your hiking adventures, they have burlap. Basically… they have it all. The buckle itself is sturdy and heavy enough to know it’s legit. It’s also completely independent of the belt strap so I can use the same buckle with several SlideBelt straps if I wanted to.

The belt strap comes long enough for anyone since you’ll be cutting it down for fit. The inside of the strap shows inch markers and the instructions suggest cutting at 2 inches longer than your normal waist size. On the other end of the underside are the teeth to hold the ratch system of the buckle. There are no holes on the strap so you can ratchet and grip in place. No longer do you need to cut an extra hole if you lose a bunch of weight. Perfect for the fluctuating golfer… a few beers here a few burgers there.


Out of the box with scissors in hand I’m ready to get this bad boy set up. I’m not the handiest of golfers and my strengths definitely rely elsewhere so I was a bit hesitant to do the actual cutting. I tested my size and then picked the 2 inches larger marker and went for it. …okay, again, I’m not the best at handy work (admittedly) and my cut was crooked. Before fixing it I decided to see if it would still work and sure enough I was good to go. The crooked edge is hidden inside the belt buckle edge.

The function of the belt is relatively simple once you’re set up and ready to go. Step 1 – slide the non-buckle side into the buckle until fit is where you want it. You’ll hear clicks once it hits the teeth. To take the belt off it functions much like an airline seat belt. Lift the outer edge of the buckle and the strap slides right out.

Once on the belt looks great. It’s stylish and I could easily see myself wearing this with not only my golf shorts but some jeans or a nice pair of dress pants. I like the ratcheting system because I can then fit it to exactly how I want it. Sometimes you’ll find that belts with holes can leave you in between and make the belt a little too tight or a little too loose.

A solid round of golf and my pants are still up.


It’s nice to see a new belt company joining the party in the golf industry. They’re functional and stylish and seem to be built to last a very long time. The belt stays in place so you won’t have to worry about readjusting after each golf swing. All in all this is a great belt! …I’d also like to add that it was fun to watch their video posted below that’s found on their website. It’s a great little insight into the company and their team members. People who love what they do absolutely exudes from the products they produce. SlideBelts is no exception. Quality!

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