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Hawkeye Alignment Trainer - Video Review

The team from Be Better Golf were kind enough to do a review on a product we've found ourselves using time and time again to teach proper stance, club alignment, and target alignment.

The alignment code has been broken to identify three unknown, interrelated swing setup linear angles, combined and set to expose the missing component to hit straight golf shots.

Hawkeye’s independent alignment rods straighten and create swing stance lines parallel to any target line while vertical alignment tabs are set to perpendicular at 90° to the alignment rods to lock in any club face at square.

By simply attaching a Hawkeye to any golf club grip, your alignment is automatically locked in place and can be visually checked at any time.

Correct alignment and a square clubface results in the club returning to square at impact, a reduction or elimination of side spin, which causes slices, hooks or offline putts.

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