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REVIEW: SureShotLaser Pinloc 5000IPS

In golf, distance control is everything. The game is much easier when you know exactly how far you need to hit it and how much to account for undulations and elevation changes when pulling the right club.

More to that point, what’s the good in beating balls at the range if you aren’t dialing in your distances. You can never trust the posted yardages at a range and what about elevation and wind there?

The SureShotLaser Pinloc 5000 series makes you a better player simply by becoming a more informed golfer.

First Impression

The design of laser rangefinders rarely varies, so what Sureshot did to differentiate themselves is switch up the color scheme. An eye-catching gold color on the 5000IPS shows it deserves to be at the top of the podium, while the silver 5000IP and bronze 5000i are podium-worthy as well.

How It Works

The 5000 series is determinable by their suffices. The “I,” “P” and “S” stand for intelligence, pulse and slope, respectively. The intelligence aspect is designed to ignore background distractions to zero in on the target; the pulse vibrates the rangefinder when it locks on the target; and the slope takes into account the elevation changes and gives a yardage to add or subtract to the true yardage.

Once you’ve chosen the correct SureShotLaser, you’re ready to hit the course or the range and dial in your yardages.

Final Impression

In a crowded rangefinder space, the SureShotLaser 5000 series gives you everything you could ask for in a laser rangefinder, and it gives it to you all the options you could hope for.

From its base 5000i to the 5000IPS, you’ll no longer have an incorrect distance to blame for a poor shot, so you better get to the range and get your swing up to snuff.

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